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Did you know?
Globally, there are still young people who do not have access to education.
In South America, quality education can be found in private institutions, but they are too expensive for many young people.
In countries such as Peru, Bolivia and El Salvador, 50% of young people do not complete secondary school!

What do I want to do?


Raise money on the way from Alaska to Argentina.

Money that integrally goes to Via Don Bosco, an organization that helps students in the South. They allow children to go to school, invest in local teacher training, and help young graduates enter the workforce.


Visiting schools.

During the bike ride, I would visit the schools that Via Don Bosco supports in El Salvador, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.
VIA Don Bosco, as a Belgian and Salesian NGO, wants to contribute to the realization of the right to education for underprivileged youth and marginalized communities both in North and South.

They believe in the strength of human development based on a holistic approach to formation and education. Formation is the cornerstone of sustainable development.
We believe it is one of the most important tools for growing out of poverty and building a democratic, fair and sustainable society.
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El Salvador

El Salvador

- San Salvador
- Santa Ana


- Quito
- Guayaquil
- Cuenca


- Lima
- Arequipa 
- Piura


- La Paz (El Alto)
- Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz stad en Yapacaní)
- Chuquisaca (Sucre)
- Cochabamba (Colcapirhua en Kami)
Map of South America
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