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4 augustus 2022
Canada part 2

Large distances The distances between lodges, gas stations and villages here are even greater than in Alaska. When I cycle out of Dawson it says 'next service: 300 km’ (187 mi). Logistically you really have to plan this. This road seems endless. For now, I'll stick to this schedule: After 24 mi (40 km) lunch […]

4 augustus 2022
Canada part 1

Top of the world highway At home during the preparation I must have thought: the first border crossing must be one to remember. Where all the other cyclists continue along the Alaska Highway, I take the Top of the World Highway in the direction of the border. Five hard days on a bad road and […]

9 juni 2022

The McCarthy Road A gravel road of 60 miles all the way to McCarthy, that's what we want to do in a single day. We drive through countless potholes and over large rocks to finally arrive at 7 pm. Not a bad ride, right? The road itself was beautiful and despite the tough conditions, enjoying […]

9 juni 2022

The tunnel When we arrive at the tunnel I still wish they would let us cycle through. Of course we are not allowed. The alternative? Asking for a ride from someone with a large SUV that can hold two bikes. This is really outside of my comfort zone, but if we want to get to […]

2 juni 2022

Being flexible When we go over the remaining details of the trip in Anchorage, we seem to be running out of days. Dad flies back on June 17 and has to be back in Anchorage by the 16th. Because of this we book a bus to Seward, this saves us 3 cycling days.  The first […]

20 mei 2022

Bus 142, the magic bus Nervously we walk into the campus. When we arrive at the 1st floor I see the bus in the distance. My heart makes a jump! After all these years seeing this bus with my own eyes is unimaginable. In combination with the fatigue of the past few days I react […]

11 mei 2022
Dalton Highway part 3

The arctic circle Excitedly, we stop at a sign that indicates that this is the Arctic Circle.  From here on it will become warmer and the cold and frozen tundra will be behind us. We decide to have lunch and here we see our first mosquito! One challenge is over and the next one is […]

8 mei 2022
Dalton Highway - part 2

Wildlife  Despite the fact that it is arid and the icy winds are never far away, the place is bustling with life. We see an Arctic fox, musk oxes and a lot of caribou. This makes the cold a bit more enjoyable to cycle.   The polar fox was fantastic to see. With his coat as […]

4 mei 2022
Dalton Highway - part 1

The departure Nervous, scared and surprisingly emotional I stare at the sign at the general store. All I must do now is cycle those first few meters, I look around one last time and smile: leaving has never been so hard. Prudhoe Bay is nothing more than sheds and industry. Throughout the year it has no […]

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