9 juni 2022


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The McCarthy Road

A gravel road of 60 miles all the way to McCarthy, that's what we want to do in a single day. We drive through countless potholes and over large rocks to finally arrive at 7 pm. Not a bad ride, right? The road itself was beautiful and despite the tough conditions, enjoying every inch of it.

You do you!

When we are sat on the terrace of the Golden Saloon, it is lovely to see the many authentic and extravagant people. This is really a place for 'free spirits': you can truly be who you want to be here. Nice to see how social and friendly everyone is.

McCarthy has something very romantic with its old creaking buildings and cars from the old days. Here you can sniff the real pioneer atmosphere. McCarthy was well worth the detour!

Kenicott Mine

A few miles beyond McCarthy is Kenicott, a tiny village with the remains of a copper mine dating back to 1912. In the pouring rain (the first since we've been here) we hike to this very mine. On the way, we pass an old cemetery with graves that are over 100 years old! 

Kenicott itself is really worthwhile: the old dilapidated mine, the stories around it and the fact that you can admire it all up close. Kenicott is a great example of the determination of the humankind and how we are capable of great things! 


Dad would like to fly in a bush plane for once. Since I am on a tight budget this is unfortunately not for me. In the morning, Dad says he'd like to treat me as a last gift for the next two years! 50 minutes we fly over glaciers and see the gigantic expanse of Copper Valley. This is truly a fantastic ending to a very successful detour. McCarthy is truly a must see when in Alaska!

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