11 mei 2022

Dalton Highway part 3

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The arctic circle

Excitedly, we stop at a sign that indicates that this is the Arctic Circle.  From here on it will become warmer and the cold and frozen tundra will be behind us. We decide to have lunch and here we see our first mosquito! One challenge is over and the next one is already presenting itself.

The Yukon

Whoever says Alaska undoubtedly thinks immediately of the Yukon River. The river moves like an old snake twisting through the wilderness. I am surprised to see that the river is still completely frozen. How freezing cold must it be here in the middle of winter? 

Frozen Shoes

If there is one thing I find really hard, it is putting on my frozen shoes in the morning. The cold deprives you of so much, you slowly but surely switch to autopilot. The tent is wet, and so is the sleeping mat, with the result that everything starts to smell. At a time like this you lose a bit of your humanity. I have chosen to do this myself, but living outside 24 hours a day is hard. 

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