4 augustus 2022

Canada part 2

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Large distances

The distances between lodges, gas stations and villages here are even greater than in Alaska. When I cycle out of Dawson it says 'next service: 300 km’ (187 mi). Logistically you really have to plan this. This road seems endless. For now, I'll stick to this schedule:

After 24 mi (40 km) lunch

After 41 mi (65 km) small snack

After 52 mi (85 km) evening meal

Between 62 mi (100 km) and 69 mi (110 km) looking for a place to sleep.

Personally, this helps me a lot to divide up the day.


For the first time I get food and drink from people on the road. This is so wonderful to get to experience. Yesterday I was in my last block between 52 and 69 mi (this is also the toughest) when a car stopped. I was given a sports drink and a loud cheer. This moved me and - almost with tears in my eyes - I drank the bottle all at once. I have never experienced such gratitude as I did here.

Canada VS. Alaska

What are the differences at first sight?

- In Canada I can read road signs again, they' re not full of bullet holes anymore.

- In Canada there are no free refills.

- In Canada the distance is in kilometers. So I don't have to convert to miles anymore.

- In Canada (Yukon) there are many more mosquitoes.

What do they have in common?

- The people are super friendly in both Alaska and Canada! These six weeks on the bike have already shown me that there are a huge number of good people in the world.

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