4 augustus 2022

Canada part 1

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Top of the world highway

At home during the preparation I must have thought: the first border crossing must be one to remember. Where all the other cyclists continue along the Alaska Highway, I take the Top of the World Highway in the direction of the border. Five hard days on a bad road and many altitude meters. The view is breathtaking and it really made up for a lot!

I had specified that I would cross the border at 11 am. With 14.5 miles to go I start at 9 am. After the first turn, I see the road going steeply uphill. That same road eventually continues to climb all the way to the border. I arrive at the border at 12:45 pm. Afraid that they would make a problem of this I shuffle in line. It turns out? Everything is arranged in five minutes and then I'm in Canada! But I have learned my lesson; at the next border crossing I'll allow plenty of time.

Dawson city

After a blissful descent I arrive in Dawson City. That is to say - on the west bank. From here you have to take a ferry across the Yukon to get to downtown Dawson. I don't know what it is exactly, but there is a very pleasant atmosphere in this town. The roads are unpaved and everywhere you look you see old buildings. Walking around in Dawson feels like going back in time, so highly recommended!


I have been traveling alone for more than a week now. Every day I try to cycle around 62 miles (100 kilometers). I enjoy making my own decisions: where to eat, when to eat, and until what time I ride. On the bike itself I enjoy the time you have to think. The silence in the evening is very soothing. I can be alone without being lonely, it seems. For the time being this is going well!

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